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Fact or Fiction: Batteries in the Cold

Fact or fiction: Your batteries lose 30 percent of their cold cranking amps at -20°F.

This is a fact. At extreme temperatures, battery condition becomes very important. The batteries enable the grid heater to create enough heat, and then turns the engine fast enough to start. Batteries don’t survive well in extreme cold, so electrically warmed battery blankets are a good investment. Furthermore, cold batteries simply do not deliver as many amps as warmer batteries. Modern batteries have a Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) rating, which is measured at 0°F. Nonetheless, at -20°F, battery cold cranking amps are reduced by about 30 percent. Keeping high-quality batteries in your Cummins-powered Ram truck is a simple way to ensure that your truck is starting and running at its full potential.

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