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The Six Million-Mile Man: Brennan Magee.

While most Cummins Million Mile Club members drive Class 8 trucks, one new member owns a 2002 Dodge Ram 3500 with 2,001,100 miles! Cummins High Mileage Club, exclusively for Ram Heavy Duty owners, recognizes Cummins legendary longevity in hundred-thousand mile increments, but this Ram owner has made it to the Cummins Million Mile Club.

Brennan Magee, owner of Class 8 Transports, purchased his first Cummins-powered Dodge Ram in 1993. When he needed to buy a pickup truck, he decided on a Cummins-powered Dodge Ram because of his personal experience with a Cummins engine in his skid steer loader and because of Cummins reputation as a dependable, powerful workhorse.

“I had a Cummins-powered Case skid loader at the time that I was very impressed with. Plus, my brothers and friends drove Class 8 trucks and constantly talked about how great Cummins engines are,” Magee said.

Since then, Magee has owned 10 Cummins-powered Rams. His trucks have stood the test of time: four have crossed the 1 million-mile mark, and two have even surpassed the 2 million-mile mark. Magee uses his trucks to tow race car trailers and horse trailers, and averages 200,000 miles per year.

“I have run these trucks constantly,” said Magee. “These engines have worked every mile pulling heavy trailers. They’re great motors. What I love most about them is that they’re dependable and easy to work on. I’ve never had a Cummins motor that left me stranded.”

Magee believes that the longevity of his Cummins-powered Rams can be attributed to the attention he gives to maintenance. “I’m always keeping an eye on them,” he said. “I keep them up-to-date on flashes, and always take them to the dealer to get work done so that I get genuine OEM parts. And I always make sure to change the fuel and air filters. I change the oil filter every 10,000 miles, and I run Mobil Delvac 15/40 all the time. I’ve had drivers run these engines out of oil and antifreeze, but once they add a little oil, they just keep going. They’re almost indestructible.”

Magee is also firmly opposed to aftermarket engine modifications. “I wouldn’t recommend putting chips on them,” he said. “They raise the heat and will suck the life out of them. I tried chips before with other trucks and ended up with problems. I’ve had downloaders that pushed the power so much that they melted pistons. If you keep these engines stock, they will last much longer.”

It’s an honor to welcome Brennan Magee to the Cummins Million Mile Club. He has demonstrated the recipe for success in making his Cummins Turbo Diesels last, and we know that if he continues to take such great care of his Cummins Turbo Diesels, he will see many more miles to come.

Cummins Million Mile Club is an exclusive group of Cummins owners who have reached a million miles with any Cummins engine. Eligible customers can join the Million Mile Club by contacting Annie Smith at [email protected]. Cummins High Mileage Club is exclusively for Ram Heavy Duty owners, and recognizes the owners every 100,000 miles. To join the Cummins High Mileage Club and receive your first Cummins grille badge, visit the High Mileage Club page.

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