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All-New RAM Heavy Duty Pickup Named 2010 Motor Trend
“Truck Of The Year.”

At the end of an eventful year for Chrysler Group LLC came proof that the fight to stay in the game has been well worth the effort. The all-new RAM Heavy Duty has been named by Motor Trend magazine as the 2010 Truck of the Year by a unanimous vote.

Vehicles were judged in real-world testing, such as extreme towing, fast off-roading and basic load carrying, in addition to six new categories:

  • Design Advancement: Well-executed exterior and interior styling; innovative vehicle packaging; good selection and use of materials
  • Engineering Excellence: Total vehicle concept and execution; clever solutions to packaging, manufacturing and dynamics issues; cost-effective technology that benefits the consumer
  • Intended Function: How well the vehicle does the job its planners, designers and engineers intended it to do
  • Safety: A vehicle’s ability to help the driver avoid a crash, as well as the secondary safety measures that protect its occupants from harm during a crash
  • Value: Competitive price and equipment levels, measured against those of vehicles in the same market segment
  • Efficiency: Low fuel consumption and carbon footprint relative to the vehicle’s competitive set

The Cummins 6.7L Turbo Diesel played a huge part in the decision by Motor Trend to select the 2010 RAM Heavy Duty for the coveted Truck of the Year award. In terms of efficiency, Motor Trend judges were impressed primarily with the approach in designing a non-urea-based system to meet 2010 emissions in a pickup truck while providing great performance and fuel efficiency, which set the RAM apart from the competition. When asked what sold Motor Trend on the 2010 RAM Heavy Duty, Edward Loh, senior editor of Motor Trend stated, “I think the big thing is not having to add urea to the truck. That’s huge.”

Loh also praised the Heavy Duty’s towing capacity and how the Cummins diesel makes the RAM an excellent work truck. “We were very impressed with just how easy it was to tow huge loads. I’ve never towed anything approaching the 28-foot, 11,000-pound Chaparral boat we had, and we took it up a steep grade about five, six miles. It was like driving any big truck – no big deal, the truck didn’t even feel it.”

For more information see Motor Trend’s Truck of the Year article and video online.

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