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FS2™: Filter-In-Filter Fuel System Protection For 2010.

A revolutionary new fuel filtration module and filter cartridge has been introduced for the Cummins 6.7L Turbo Diesel in the 2010 RAM Heavy Duty pickups and 2011 RAM Chassis Cabs, improving diesel fuel filtration and water removal performance. The 2010 fuel module enables easier service access and reduces the amount of waste material during regular fuel system maintenance. This new fuel module’s replaceable filter cartridge offers industry-leading diesel fuel conditioning, with two filters in a single cartridge. The unique FS2 filter construction and the proprietary synthetic StrataPore filter media combine to create greater filter performance that exceeds the requirements of modern engines and fuel types.

Benefits Of The FS2 Filter Technology.

The two-stage filter of the new FS2 cleans the fuel and provides a proven approach for fuel/water separation – a critical requirement with High Pressure Common Rail (HPCR) fuel systems. The first stage of the filter provides the initial filtration and serves to coalesce water entrained in the fuel into larger droplets. The second stage removes the finer particles and strips the water droplets that have been generated by the first-stage media. The combined filtration performance of the two-stage filter yields a 5-micron rating (@ 98.7% efficiency per Society of Automotive Engineers J1985).

The new top-loading fuel filter housing gives you easy access to the filter cartridge using a 28-mm or 1-1/8-inch socket. The side-mounted water/fuel drain valve allows you to more conveniently remove water from the filter housing from above or below your truck. The valve is a quarter-turn style that you can operate by hand or with common tools. The complete composite fuel module construction is lightweight and resistant to leaks. The end result is a fuel-conditioning unit that aids in easier and cleaner service.

Special Service Tips.

The new FS2 fuel filter was designed and engineered by Cummins Filtration for optimal fuel system protection. To gain maximum benefit from your FS2 fuel filter, be sure to follow the specific service instructions with your new filter. Keep in mind that the fuel module housing should not be pre-filled. The electric fuel pump eliminates the need for pre-filling and should be used to prime the fuel system, preventing unfiltered fuel from reaching the HPCR fuel system. Also, when changing your filter cartridge, be sure to follow the special housing air venting requirements to ensure proper fuel drainage from the housing and a clean filter change. Finally, be sure to change your fuel filter every 15,000 miles (24,140 km) for maximum fuel system performance.

Availability Of The New FS2 Fuel Filter.

The new fuel module with the FS2 top-loading filter cartridge is standard on all Cummins-powered 2010 RAM Heavy Duty pickups and 2011 RAM Chassis Cabs. The FS2 service filter cartridge (part number 68065608AA) is currently available at your local Dodge/MOPAR dealer. Contact your local dealer for additional information on the FS2 fuel filter or other genuine MOPAR service filters.

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